Farm,stake and trade Dfine tokens on Binance Smart chain

Staking Pool

Staking pools with dfine

LP Farms

Liquidity mining pools using LPs from pancake, bakery swap and 1inch

Blockchain Services

Limited blockchain services such as Staking contract deployment and Frontend Staking dapp deployment.Token creation inclusive payable with Dfine Tokens

Dfine NFTs

Unique NFTs for the community.

Dfine Tokens

Utility token that powers Dalecoin Finance

Dgovn Tokens

Governance token that will be used for some decision Making

Our Features

Dfine Token will have a max cap of 200,000 with a 1% tax on every transaction. The transaction tax will be used for marketing and devlopmental use. Funds from the tax will also be used to fund LP pools. The Dgovn token will have 5000 max supply. 4500 will be issued to the community by way of liquidity mining. 500 will be vested for admin use and initial Liquidity.

We shall also issue Crypto collectibles also know as NFTs. Owning one of it will have its advantages. Stay tuned.