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Its a utility token in the Dalecoin finance ecosystem. It will have a maximum supply of 650,000 tokens. Initial supply will be about 120,000 tokens and the rest will be farmed accross various pools to be set up.

Distribution schedule
100,000(15.4%) DFINE tokens for old token holders dalc erc /dalc pos. click and change to DFINE token. 6 months period for the swap. Unclaimed DFINE tokens will be sent to the farms.This will form the initial supply of the token. the bulk of it will be in the communities hand.

10,000(1.54%) DFINE tokens will be used to provide Initial Liquidity in pools that will be set up and then anyone who wishes to provide liquidity can join to farm the new token.

5,000(0.0077%) DFINE tokens will be for Developer/Admin. Admin wallet will be published in transparency page.

5,000(0.0077%)DFINE tokens will be Airdroped to the community.

530,000(81.5%) DFINE tokens will be distributed and locked accross various pools to be farmed by DFINE, DGOV and NFT token holders.

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