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The project started with 2 iteration.First as an Erc20 token and second as a POS/POW coin which was short lived because of existing realities and the trend in the crypto sphere.
Hence the need for a rebrand with new name and tickers. DFINE DGOVn & D-NFTs 

Old Dalecoin ERC20 holders(~80%)

To be fair to the early supporters of the project, There is  a provision for a swap. If you still have coins in exchanges such as yobit, mercatox, forkdelta or any ethereum wallet.
click here to swap to the new contract.

The ratio is still 10 to 1. 

Old Dalecoin Pow/Pos holders (~20%)

Although the 2nd iteration was short lived, we still believe holders of the coin should still be considered.
If you still have coins in vindax and finexbox you may withdraw it. 

A total of 100, 000 DFINE Tokens(~80k for Dalc erc20 and 20k for Dalc Pos/Pow) is reserved for both token holder according to the records we have. The swap ratio for holders of this asset is 1 to 1.

Click here to swap to the new asset.

Conditional Swap provision

1. A total of 100,000 DFINE is reserved  for both token holders (~80k for Dalc erc20 and 20k for Dalc Pos/Pow).
2. The swap period will last for 6 months and a possible one month extention. 
3. Unclaimed tokens within this period will be distributed accross various farms in the ecosystem.
4. The address holding this tokens will be publised in the transparency page,

Swap Deadline started and will last for 90 days.

Timer Started 2020/12/07
Unclaimed DFINE tokens after this period will be redistributed accross various pools to be farmed by the community.

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